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Goddess Evee caught me again

Goddess Evee caught me again

Life is strange sometimes…or perhaps it’s just fate playing its game in the most surprising ways, I don’t know.

A few days ago I got a message here on the blog, coming from a Goddess i didn’t know (or at least I thought so). She wasn’t saying much actually…all She said was this:

I’m back, and you better run and serve me

The name used in the message didn’t ring any bell…so I answered in one of my usual nasty ways. You know I hate Goddesses coming up like this to slaves they don’t know… but then…. she answered sending me just this pic.


She didn’t say anything else. Just this awesome pic. But boy this got me big time…. you see, in a single picture, She managed to represent more or less everything that drives me crazy: a beautiful foot in reinforced nylons, a black pump with a silver heel, the foot slowly coming out of it.

But still…that name didn’t ring any bell. I had to know more. I had to know the owner of that foot. So I asked (kindly this time) her how I could see her… and that’s how it happened.

It was Goddess Evee, a fantastic Goddess I’ve been serving for a short period of time a while back. She then probably changed her schedule, because I didn’t see Her again….till now, that is.

I have to admit.. as soon as She sent me this link to her videochat, I immediately remembered VERY well the amazing time I’ve been spending with Her. It has always been a natural see…just like when you feel you have something “in common” with the Goddess You are serving… as if you were made to serve Her. And that didn’t change in time. I’ve spent a huge amount of money in the latest days with her…but it’s not like I can avoid that. She seems to know exactly what drives me crazy, and she seems to know how to play perfectly with that.

I can surely say that….she caught me again… and it looks like I won’t be able to escape easily anytime soon…