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What’s happening to my dreams?

What’s happening to my dreams?

This post doesn’t have to do anything with Financial Domination or anything like that… but it’s my blog, and tonight i need to write out some thoughts. So you are totally free to move on if all you want to read is Financial Domination, blackmailing, cam and so on.

So i’m working no stop since 3 years now.. no less than 10 hours a day, holding two jobs. My regular, boring one, and the other…the dream. The one that i wish one day will be profitable enough to let me resign from my everyday job.

I keep working like hell at the secondary job, i keep planning the future, planning big, making improvements and so on..but then.. what if it’s all useless? What if it just can’t happen? What if the success i often believe it’s right there….just isn’t? What if i am stuck in having two jobs forever, not being able to achieve my dream?

I look at others doing similar job…i see their success… i see how easy it seems for them…and then i wonder… am i capable of that? Can i actually reach that level? Am i just unable to do it perhaps? Am i just… dreaming too much?

And also…what if i made it all wrong since the beginning? What if the choices i made at first were just wrong…and now it’s too late to change them?

Damn i feel bad tonight… i just wish i had someone to talk to when i feel like this… someone that would tell me “you can do it!”… but i don’t. Usually i am the one telling others “You can do it”…and when i need it…i’m alone.

Goodnight everyone… i hope i’ll wake up in a better mood tomorrow.