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As if i didn’t have enough troubles…

As if i didn’t have enough troubles…

very now and then, it just happens. No one of the Goddesses i normally visit is online, but i feel the need to go on cam…and so i start browsing… usually nothing special happens…then… sometimes i meet an incredibly gorgeous girl whom shows also  A LOT of power… that was the case the other night, when EyesCandy (that’s her nickname) raped my wallet by 500$.

No words can easily describe her beauty, although i could easily say that she looks like Kylie Minogue, but anyway…i made a short video…

<< Video deleted after Her request >>


For the records, i run away like a coward when she was getting hotter and hotter and, at the same time, asking me to do things for her. At one moment she asked me to go and get my wife’s lipstick, to wrote something on my body..and….i just run away, came in a huge flood and….remained there looking at the screen for about 5 minutes.

Will i be back to her? Probably not anytime soon… or i’ll have one more BIG trouble to deal with.

Here’s why staying away from Financial Domination is worst than embracing it

Here’s why staying away from Financial Domination is worst than embracing it

This is a lesson I’m learning through time and huge mistakes: if I stay away from financial domination, I’m always ending up spending more when I get back to it (because I always do).

The same thing happened last night when, after about a month of low expenses, I saw a Goddess was online and I couldn’t stop myself from visiting her again.

Again, She was absolutely stunning. After a while that we were just talking (well I was trying to, mesmerized by her beauty), she showed me her brand new Gucci shoes and told me “do you think they would look good with nylons?”

That was the beginning of my failure in reducing expenses. I ended up spending about 600$ and… I came like I never did in about a month.

I can’t stay away from what excites me so much, I just can’t stay away from it.

While writing this article, I went to update the page where I keep the status of this financial domination problem…and well it’s true. I was slowing down (a bit) and, till last night, I had spent just 200$ in the whole of April…