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Goddess Adriana: a Woman with capital “W”

Goddess Adriana: a Woman with capital “W”

So this short story begins two nights ago, when my Padrona (as She allows me to call Her) Goddess Adriana, gifted me with a rather long chat on Skype. During that chat I not only was able to see how AMAZING Her brain is, but She also told me that, the night after, She would have put on a new outfit that I would have liked.

Mind you…I had about 50$ left on my credit card.

Yesterday, at work, all I could think of was Her. I came back home thinking of a way to have some privacy, to go and see Her even for just a few minutes. Then, when everyone else was finally asleep, I switched on my computer…and saw She was online. The first thing she said was

“I knew that, sooner or later, you would have shown up”

She KNOWS the power She has on me. Of course, She does. I asked her permission to see Her…and She allowed me, even knowing it would have not been a long video session.

And all I can say to describe Her outfit is: this is how any Woman with capital “W” should dress. Period.

High heel shoes, short elegant dress, nude Cuban stockings…what else can ANY man desire in a beautiful woman?

So this is not a day when I ended up spending a fortune. This is not a day when I had been financially dominated. This is a day when Goddess Adriana only showed me what an incredible Woman She is. This is another day when Goddess Adriana entered even more into my brain. This is a day when I saw a gorgeous woman dressed in the most perfect, erotic, elegant way.