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She said i’m a cashcow

She said i’m a cashcow

How could i deny that? She raped my wallet once again. And this time her weapon was… a new webcam. It may seems nothing to you…but try to look at the video below and compare it with the previous videos i made. It does make a lot of difference. Because now She shines in all her beauty, in all her power.

And what could i think about the outfit she was wearing? A shiny shirt almost exploding, a short skirt, stockings, and new high heel shiny shoes…

No, there is NO WAY i will ever escape. I’m a cashcow, as she said. And she surely knows very well how to milk me.

And by the way…with this videochat i made what i didn’t want to make at the beginning of this blog: i spent more than what i’ve spent last year. Yes, as you can see in the Current Status page, till now i spent more than 2009…. in january i promised myself to spend just one thousand dollars…now i’m at ten thousand dollars.

I’m screwed…but i won’t stop…she is too much for me…i can’t stop visiting her…can’t.