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My Financial Domination 2020 in review

My Financial Domination 2020 in review

I don’t usually make recaps of the past year, since I prefer to look forward, and I stopped doing new year resolutions ever since I’ve noticed I…suck at respecting them.

But 2020 was a unique year, probably one we will all never forget…so what the Hell, let’s take a look at mine and see how it was, Financial Domination wise (my personal life is another story…and stays personal ?)

So how was my 2020?

I’ve spent a lot

I spent nearly as double as in 2019, ending up with a total of 14,287,91$. And I think this deserves some sort of deep analysis, to at least understand why and, perhaps, look for a possible solution. Even if, to be honest, “solution” does seem a bit drastic: in the end, it’s not like I went broke or didn’t give my family all they needed and wanted so..was it really that bad?

You see, there are a couple of reasons why I think I’ve spent so much, and the pandemic did also have a key role in all this. 

Obviously, as you can see from the graph above, the first months of the pandemic were pretty bad for me, especially for my mood. As I think everyone did, this whole thing looked just too horrible to be true, and the last thing I thought about was having a session…but we, humans, always adapt to any situation so…

Thing is, my personal earnings in 2020 have been really good (yes, partially thanks to the pandemic), actually higher than ever. It’s not like I’m a millionaire of course, but when things are that good, one of the main reasons why we all always try to control our spendings simply isn’t as convincing as it should be.

Another thing that made me feel less worried while spending, was that I didn’t have to face some particular big expenses for the family this year: the pandemic brought away any chance to have a proper vacation and, generally, working from home made me spendt a bit less even to just go to work. 

The last reason why I’ve spent a lot is explained below…

I made peace with an old friend

If you are reading my blog for enough time, you will perhaps remember when I wrote which one is, in my opinion, the best cam site for a slave (if you haven’t, I suggest you click the link and read it). It has been the one where I’ve met most of the wonderful Goddesses I serve, and the one that always gave me the best experience ever.

The thing is…a few years ago I had to stop using it. I won’t go into many details, but let’s say that I just didn’t have a “technical” way to be able to use it anymore, if not for browsing pictures. This reduced A LOT the chances for me to have sessions with Goddesses and basically made for me almost impossible to find new really good ones. 

Well, around November 2020 this changed: I managed to solve the issue I had and started using the site again. A blessing for the chances to see so many beautiful Goddesses, a bit of a problem for my spendings and my ability to keep them under control.

I started serving new Goddesses

I haven’t spoken about them on this blog since I’m not sure I am allowed to (I’ll need to ask their permission first of course), but around the end of 2020, I was blessed by luck and had a few fantastic sessions with a couple of Goddesses I’ve never served before. The thrill that those sessions gave me was quite high, and I am really looking forward to seeing what my 2021 with them will bring.

How about yours?

So I told you how my financial domination year was, my ups and downs…how about yours? I would love to read in the comments here below what your 2020 was like, and I really hope you’ll spend some time writing about it here ?