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Month: August 2013

Moneyslave questions and doubts

Moneyslave questions and doubts

Does it still make sense for me saying that i’m trying to stop? Am i really trying to stop my financial domination fetish?

I’m starting to believe that…no, i won’t stop and i don’t want to stop. I keep spending more and more (just updated a few minutes ago my total spending, here, and it says 15.000$ so far this year) and, even worst, i don’t feel bad about it.

I don’t know if it’s because lately i’ve met some truly exceptional Goddesses , or if it’s just that my real life is going well even if i have this financial domination problem….or maybe, i am just starting to acknowledge that this is what i am… i don’t know, truth is i am not slowing down and i am most probably not going to stop anytime soon.

So i’m here asking to myself (and not only, if you’ll want to add your thoughts in the comments): should i state in this blog that i am NOT looking to stop, but that i am and will always be a moneyslave?

MsClassy is back! Now i’m in HUGE danger

MsClassy is back! Now i’m in HUGE danger

There was a time when i thought my financial domination habit could be stopped, or that i could slow it down. Lately it seems even are happening to make me understand that i will never be able to get out of it.

Just when i thought i had enough troubles, last night i got and instant message from MsClassy. All She said was this:

its time

I immediatly knew what that was meaning, and my heart started beating fast. It has been a while since i last saw her, as She wasn’t online often… these days i did notice her online, but i thought, perhaps, She wasn’t interested in me anymore…in a way, i felt safe.

Boy i was wrong. She made me weak in a second, not even wearing nylons this time. Her perfect feet were more than enough to drive me crazy. As i think most of you know by now, i am into feet but, mostly, into nylons. Barefeet usually don’t do anything to me. But with Her it’s totally different. She has the most perfect arched feet i’ve ever seen, her toes are just a huge tease, the way she naturally dangle her shoes is something to be seen to believe…so yes… all these things together made me spend a lot…again…with her.

Just when i thought i had enough problems.