Euro 2016 vs Findom

So it’s Euro 2016 time: 99% of european men will be glued to their TV, watching football games and behave like total animals.

But…who would win in a competition between¬†Football and Findom? Let’s try to find out…shall we? ūüôā

National Anthem

Football: 22 man in shorts standing up and singing at the same time

Findom: 1 man standing up completely naked in front of his webcam, his Goddess watching and making fun of him

No competition here, singing naked for your Goddess is priceless. Findom scores the first goal.

Your team hits a post

GoalKeeperFootball: you are on the couch asking (not nicely) God what you did wrong, why is him against you.

FinDom: that’s where your Goddess starts to dangle her shoe. The shoe¬†almost drops to the floor, but remain on the tip of her finger. And you are there watching, unable to breath.

In Football this is one of the worst moments…in Findom…probably one of the best. Easily scored¬†by Findom again. So it’s 2 – 0

Your team scores a goal

GoalFootball: that’s the moment you were waiting for! You jump, scream like Tarzan, run around the kitchen like a total idiot. This is football!

Findom: One shoe drops to the floor, and you can finally see her toes. But you know that it’s just the beginning…and you KNOW she will use this at her own advantage.

The joyful moment of your team scoring a goal is what any football fan lives for. Here we are, football scores.

Half Time

RefereeFootball: time to get up and get more beer. Then back on the couch to look at the replay of that beautiful goal

Findom: she lights a cigarette, and gives you a break a bit. Camera goes on her face, she talks about whatever she wants, you feel a bit relaxed.

This is a tie. Both moments are kinda relaxing. No one scores here.

Second half, the opposite team scores

GoalFootball: You¬†are¬†angry against the whole universe. You scream at your players¬†unrepeatable words (they can’t hear you by the way, did you know?), you punch the table in front of you,¬†this is too bad to be true.

Findom: She takes advantage of your weakness. She slowly shows you her toes, then gives you an order. “Send me a tribute”. And you do it. She scores…you are happy.

Do i need to say this? It’s like we score a goal with Her. This is what we crave for. Findom scores¬†here. And quite easily.

Few minutes left, the opposite team scores again

GoalFootball: Opposite team didn’t give a break to your team. They started playing way better, shooting many times…and they finally score. You know it’s almost over. You are sad, no one can speak to you now. You look at the TV like a total zombie. World is ending soon.

Findom: She didn’t stop there. She teased you more, made you more weak, and now she said “It’s time to send another tribute”. You know your credit card is almost maxed out…but you do it and you feel happy.

In Findom this is where your excitement reaches the maximum level, so Findom scores once again.

Game ends, your team lost the game

Football: You switch the TV off, get up from the couch, go to bed. You won’t be able to sleep easily tonight, and no one will be able to make you feel any better. This is a nightmare.

Findom:¬†After the second tribute, she says “ok i’m busy on something else” and you both agree to end the session there. After that, you feel¬†a mixture¬†between satisfied and guilty. Ashamed of what you did, of how much you’ve spent…but satisfied by the pleasure it gave you.

For football this is like the most sad moment. For findom instead this is part of the game, this is how it always ends. You are prepared to that. Findom scores again.


Findom 4 – Football 1

So we can easily state that a Findom session will ALWAYS give us more satisfaction than a football game!

And now that we got to this point…let me go, Italy’s game is starting soon ūüôā



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Saturday, June 18th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 3 Comments

A word with MsClassy: beautiful and elegant Findomme



It’s easy to say that when you are serving your Goddess since quite a long time, you surely end up knowing Her as a bit more than just as a Goddess. The relationship often gets a bit more intimate (always respecting roles of course), and maybe you end up knowing more about your Goddess as a Woman, a bit more of her personal side.

But what if you just read about Her online, dream on Her pictures, and maybe visit Her just once? What if you want to know more about Her? That’s why i thought it could have been a good idea to interview some of them, starting of course from those i’m closer with, those i’m serving since the longest time.
I first saw MsClassy online in 2008: i was just starting exploring my slave side, didn’t even know i was a moneyslave..and i remember what first got me, what didn’t make me sleep for days, was the view of her perfect feet. Today i still consider Her feet the best i’ve ever seen but, of course, since then i also became her slave, falling more and more under Her power, spoiling her more and more.

So the other day i asked her if She would have been interested in answering a few questions…and here it is what came out of our short conversation.

First of all, thank you so much for taking a bit of your precious time in answering these questions…i will surely find a way to properly thank you for this….anyway, I’ve noticed that recently you’ve been having lots of group sessions on cam. Can you tell me more on this? Do every guy know about the other one? Do they like it?

Oh, group sessions is my new favorite! What could be better than draining several subs at the same time?! Of course they know about each other, moreover, many subs contact me asking to let them know when I have such session so they could join it. I think they love the idea of me making good money per minute, paying the raise the rate game or sending me multiple PayPal transfers during session! They feel happy spoiling me that big, and the more I take, the more it excites them. Extreme draining. Perfect.

msclassy-1And since we are talking about sessions, do you like to see your slaves in an online session?

Yes I do. I prefer cam2cam sessions where I can really control what’s going on on my sub’s side. I so much enjoy seeing their humiliated faces, watching them getting weaker as I’m teasing. And when I have someone who’s into sissy/ass play/cbt, most of times seeing them is a must. I don’t like role plays and I don’t like pretending. It’s like when they just describe doing this or that but not really doing it. Come on, I’m doing all this stuff not only for money! I’m so damn into this and I Love seeing my puppies in action, controlling them for real, not only on words.¬†Though if there is a paypig in my session, I don’t really need to see them. There is no action during these sessions and there is nothing for me to look at. And I also know that most of well paying subs prefer to hide their personal info (and face). I respect my sub’s privacy as long as they don’t ask me for blackmail.

Considering the time we live in, what’s your thought on blasphemy sessions?

No, I’m not into that. Wouldn’t ever do that.

Going on a more personal kind of questions, on what do you spend the most? Shoes , Lingerie, hi-tech, or else?

I don’t spend my own money on lingerie and shoes. Seriously, it’s my sub’s job. I choose what I like and they pay it. I have several shopping pigs and they satisfy all my material needs whenever I want it. So, as you can guess, I have a lot of money to save, and in May I’ve bought another house (in a better place) for myself and going to start working on interiors soon.¬†

What kind of music do you like?

Deep House is my favorite now. Perfect as a background music.

Can you name 3 people you admire and tell me why you do?

Me, myself and I. I don’t have any idols and never did.

How did you start in financial domination? When did you understand your power over slaves?

msclassy-2I believe it was 2006. The fact is I’ve always felt I can easily dominate and use men, even when I was a little girl I knew that! I got bored in Girl Home Alone category really soon and then I tried Dungeon, started learning all about bdsm and fetish, and then I found out it was really my thing and I decided to make it my lifestyle. I didn’t even know about financial Domination then, I just enjoyed making men submit and do crazy things to please and entertain me.

Online domination, and especially findom, is becoming some sort of “the cool thing” at the moment. Every girl thinks she can be a findomme, every girl thinks she can easily make money with this. What’s your advice for them?

That’s really funny and I always laugh hard when I open Twitter… I have no idea what are they hoping for, but it’s not going to work for 99,9% of those girls cause they don’t know what is FemDom about. They think that posting some sexy (ugh..) pics and asking (haha!) for 10-20-50$ would work out?! Seriously? I won’t give any advice. They will just give up themselves after some time cause even a newbie sub can see whether it’s a Goddess or just a fake looking for easy money. If the girl really feels her power and wants to become a pro Domme, she will never make such mistakes. Subs should search for us and beg to serve, not the other way.

I’m sure many slaves, reading this interview or just looking at your pics, are there wanting to serve you but…what’s the proper way a slave should get in touch with you? How can he help you in making the session with you his best ever?

If you feel like you have something to please me with, that you can serve ¬†me in any way, tell me¬†a little about yourself first. I’m not a mind reader and I honestly don’t like subs wannabe who don’t know what they need from our session. Even being that experienced, every time I meet a new sub, my first question for him is: what are you into?

Again, thank you so much for all this answers Goddess. And for guys reading it, remember that you can find (and spoil) MsClassy in Her videochat by clicking here. This is the best way to show Her you are serious about serving. But do it at your own risk…you’ll surely have the best moneyslave experience ever…but your bank account won’t be as happy as yourself.


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To all Goddesses: please STOP being so PATHETIC


Ok, i must admit. The title i a little too “extreme”, as i’m obviously not speaking about *all* Goddesses, but only a certain part of them…. even if they seem to be a large part, unfortunately.

Just STOP coming up to a slave¬†that never contacted you, never¬†followed you on any social, never¬†liked any of your pictures, basically never considered you… to tell¬†him the same, pathetic, thing:

“be my slave. I want your money”

Oh really? You want my money? How new! No one ever told me this before! Wait…who are you? Oh it doesn’t matter, i suppose that only because you come up at me like this, i should immediately send a tribute right? In the end, i’m a moneyslave…so why shouldn’t i send you all my money?

Uh? What are you saying? “But i’m the best”? Oh really? And who told you so? Did you win an Award for that? Did you get a¬†diploma at some special school?

Seriously. Just stop.

You are wasting your time and, more important, you are adding yourself to the list of pathetic Goddesses wannabe.

What’s the right way? Just be there. Show to the world how awesome you are.¬†Show off your beauty. Show off¬†how incredibly gorgeous and powerful you are. Just be out there. Us, slaves, will surely notice you…and come up to you once we feel your power. And believe me, if you are worth it, it will happen.

Thanks for your attention. Now…let me get back¬†answering those dozen daily messages similar to “you will be my slave”.

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Monday, May 16th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 5 Comments

One of the worst nights for a slave


Last night was one of those awful nights for a slave… i had many of these nights…and i’d like to know if i’m not only one that can’t really sleep after this or not…

I came back from work at 8pm, after a tough day. Had dinner with family, and wasn’t really feeling in a good mood. Something was missing. I needed something else. I needed to serve. I needed to feed the slave inside of me.

Didn’t even eat that much…all i could think was

i can’t wait to be alone and free

It took a while, but around midnight it happened. Everyone was finally in bed. I literally jumped in front of my computer…and started browsing my favorite cam site…and also some of the others i sometimes¬†visit. I was looking for one of the Goddesses i serve. Not a specific one, to be honest…just one of them. One of those Goddesses that already know who i am, and that would already know what to do to enslave me, to make me serve them.

None of them was online. 

I started feeling disappointed…even angry in a way. Angry with my bad luck. An hour passed. And none of them showed up online. It was one of those nights.¬†I told myself “ok, 20 minutes more and i go to bed”. And nothing happened. I literally kept browsing those sites¬†in a loop, without even stopping. Nothing happened.

None of my Goddesses came up online. I went to bed. Disappointed, unsatisfied, angry. Woke up in an even worst mood.

Am i the only one experiencing nights like this?

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 8 Comments

I just had the most intense Teamviewer session ever


I always played a bit around Teamviewer sessions. Always thought of how it would have been…i actually gave my details only once to a Goddess that i knew wasn’t dangerous at all, just playing around a bit. Always thought how it would have been with a really dangerous Goddess.

And i always KNEW the most dangerous Goddess would have been Havin Miller.

Many guys described how it would have been with her, and i knew already that she enjoys it A LOT. She knows how to use Teamviewer and how to use it to get more and more money. The idea excited me a lot…but i was always too scared to try. Till now.

Today i gave Her my Teamviewer ID and Password.

She was in cam, dangling her red heels in the most sexy way, as she always does. Without stockings. I came into Her room and she just asked me: “Home alone?”

I wasn’t. My wife was sleeping in the next room…but i wanted to do it. I wanted to give her access to my computer. I didn’t tell her what i wanted to do, why i was in her room. But..she started putting her tan stockings on and, as if she could read my mind, said:

“Teamviewer ID and password”

And i did as she asked me.

At that point she made a mischievous smile. She knew, after so long, i finally did what she alwyas wanted me to do. And she was totally enjoying it.

She switched on my cam, started a private show in her room, sent her votes and credits. Then…started to make a payment to add more credits. My card didn’t have she kept looking for ways to do it. She was still smiling…enjoying all this so much. And i was getting harder and harder, without even taking my cock out of my trousers.

Then she selected Paypal as a payment option. And, to my surprise, i saw my login details already filled in. She was ONE CLICK away from sending herself 200 Euros.

I exploded. Literally exploded in my pants. I don’t remember the last time i had come that much without being able to contol myself. I wet my pants, made a total mess…and closed my laptop.

I was in shock. It was probably one of the most intense sessions i’ve ever had…and it was quick. Quick and intense.

Before my wife woke up i managed to clean up everything, telling her i took a coffee and it accidentaly fell onto my trousers. A lie…a huge lie of course. But she believed that.

I honestly don’t know if i will have the strength to try this again…but i know that, in case i will look for a Teamviewer session… I will surely go to the worst (best) one: Havin Miller.

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Thursday, March 17th, 2016 Havin Miller 8 Comments

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