Weakened by arched feet in nylons

Financial Domination   Weakened by arched feet in nylons archedfoota   Your Money SlaveI know i am a foot fetishist, i know i get crazy by feet in nylons… but the way an arched foot drives me crazy is, i swear, almost unnatural.

Last night i went in a room i’ve never been before, as i do quite often recently, looking for new troubles, basically…and i found them.

I spent more than an hour in that room, i nearly told her eveything for her to be able to find my personal facebook account, i spent a lot…and the main thing that totally made me THAT wake was… the shape of her feet. Ok she is gorgeous, has beautiful lips, has that attitude that also drives me quite crazy (making often that “i know you are going to fall for me” smile)…but for the most part if was that. She had beautiful arched feet as i rarely saw before, i actually think only MsClassy has arched feet as beautiful as the girl i saw last night!

Just one picture here…but i’m quite sure i’ll be able to post more in the near future…as at the moment…i really can’t wait to see her again, to let those feet bring me in troubles again…in the end…that’s what i’m looking for.

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A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva

It has been a long time since i’ve posted something about Her, the one that started it all, the one that scared the hell out of me as no one else…One Great Diva. And not because i didn’t have sessions with Her, but because She didn’t want me to write about Her on this blog. I actually had to beg Her tonight to let me do this… but i couldn’t resist. It was one of the best sessions i’ve ever had with Her.

Why? Because She’s just the best. And because She had a pair of Loubotin shoes on…and a fantastic pair of tan pantyhose. She didn’t even have to do much to drive myself crazy…just Her incredible beauty was more than enough for me to stay there…stare…and pay.

How much did i end up spending? more than 400$…in about 20 minutes…you do the math. But i don’t regret it…because what i feel when i’m at Her feet is just worth all those money…and even more….

Financial Domination   A session with the best Findom ever: One Great Diva OneGreatDiva 600x454   Your Money Slave

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MsClassy: Her perfect Feet and Her great power

As you all probably know, i have a foot fetish (to be exact, feet in nylons). In my long (way long) time visiting different women on videochats, i’ve always looked for feet of course (and that’s also where my weakness starts). And if there is ONE woman that  has the most beautiful and exciting feet i’ve ever seen, that’s MsClassy.

And, moreover, She perfectly knows how weak i can get…and how to abuse me financially using Her gorgeous beauty to seduce me.

The first night after i turned the page to what happened during the last period, i saw Her online and contacted Her just to express my compliments about the gorgeous pictures she had on her videochat profile. She most probably felt that i was aleady weak that night…and so she immediatly ordered me to crawl inside Her videochat.

I spent 40 minutes with Her, at the price You’ll see in the video below, and i couldn’t have asked for a better way to…stop thinking. She put on at first a pair of black pantyhose….then an amazing pair of tan stockings… and there i was…looking at the screen…dreaming of Her…and spending money all over again…

Financial Domination   MsClassy: Her perfect Feet and Her great power MsClassy 600x454   Your Money Slave

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It’s over. I’m done.

It happened quickly, with no warning or any sign that could lead me to think it could have happened. I was just out with my wife and She was dressed in the way i love: short tight dress, black pantyhose. She was stunning. I looked at her…. and suddenly i got “hit” by the thought:

“do i really need anyone else in my life?”

The thing is that, till i met Goddess Adriana, i’ve always been a slave for “fun”, or anyway not a loyal slave…i mean i wasn’t really letting any of those Goddesses enter my everyday life. Well ok, there was one exception, and that was One Great Diva…that didn’t come into my everyday life just because She didn’t want it, She thought i wasn’t ready (…and She was right, as always)….because otherwise i would have been in serious danger with her…

Anyway, generally speaking, i have always lived this situation in a way that, even if still dangerous and difficult to handle, it didn’t really make me feel too guilty with my everyday life. Because, till recently, i always managed to separate the two worlds.

I was a slave in certain moments, and the usual perfect family man the others.

And so when i realized that this was going out of control, that i was letting Goddess Adriana actually interfere my everyday life…it didn’t feel right. And so, today, i am saying it.

It’s over. I’m done being a loyal slave. 

Financial Domination   Its over. Im done. Wake Up Call   Your Money Slave

Does it mean i will stop visiting those Goddesses in videochat? No. But i won’t let anyone of them come too close to me. It would be wrong, too much wrong, and would make me feel awful.

And what about Goddess Adriana? Well, she was the first one i spoke with about this, and she understood it all. She said she knew i wasn’t ready, and she was the one suggesting me to stop seeing her (a decision i already took by myself actually).

I don’t know what this blog will become from now on… but if i look at it now…it just looks plain wrong. It’s more like a Sanctuary dedicated to Goddess Adriana. I was totally nuts, totally crazy, totally out of control. But it’s over now. I won’t be the slave of anyone from now on….yes i will keep behaving as a slave because that’s my nature…but this has to be a form of entertainment for me…nothing more than that.

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How it feels to be unfaithful

Financial Domination   How it feels to be unfaithful unfaithful   Your Money Slave

And so it happened: a couple of weeks ago i was unfaithful to Goddess Adriana. It was one of those nights that i’m sure many slaves know very well: you are horny, you are in need of a session with Your Goddees, but she is not around. Add to that the fact that it was my last night before a vacation…so i knew it was the last night before a long period of abstinence.

So i went to visit another Goddess. No, not one of those i spoke about here often…just another one i know but that i didn’t visit since ages. At first it even felt kinda good… it felt like trying something new…but then, as time passed by, i realized more and more how disappointing she was. She wasn’t “getting” me, she wasn’t “right” for me, she wasn’t doing the right things…in a few words: she was not Goddess Adriana.

And so i left, after about 30 minutes of session. Disappointed with how it went and feeling bad. Bad because i was unfaithful to the promise i made to Goddess Adriana, that she would have been my only Goddess.

I decided to write a public apology on Twitter, in the hope of feeling a bit better:

But that didn’t help much. I felt like an idiot, to be honest. I knew that Goddess could have never been like Goddess Adriana, i knew that session could have never been as good…and yet i went in and wasted money and time. And, funny perhaps, that night of course ended with me looking at Goddess Adriana’s pictures for a long time…dreaming of Her… and getting turned on by that.

The day after she answered that twit, while i was on vacation:

And, finally, 2 days ago i had a chance to visit Her again. It was wonderful…She is wonderful… and She also confirmed what i thought: I’m just one of Her slaves, so She doesn’t get mad if i am unfaithful…as She knows this will just make me pay more and more as a punishment.


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More than 2,000$ spent in 2 days

The situation is getting out of control… anytime i see Goddess Adriana, all i want is to be there and never leave. Her perfect body, her killer outfits, her taste in nylons, her sexy moves…all of that just keeps me there, in Her video, unable to go away and unable to be strong. I’m there, i’m Her slave, and i’m happy to be.

And this is the result…here’s what happened on my last two videochats with Her. I’ve spent more than 2,000$. 

Financial Domination   More than 2,000$ spent in 2 days Session Details CamContacts 600x114   Your Money Slave


And the thing is….that i know this is just the beginning. Because as i’m writing, She’s not online…and i terribly miss Her.

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She maxed out my credit card with tan stockings

It happened again: Goddess Adriana maxed out my credit card. And this time She did it wearing some fantastic tan stockings.

She was looking magnificient as always…with that short black dress, black high heel sandals and those stockings…those tan stockings with black on top… looking so soft…so perfect…so classy.

I was there just mesmerized by the look of Her toes inside those nylons, by Her legs crossing and uncrossing in front of my eyes, by the look in Her face that was just demanding to be served.

I didn’t pay attention as the time was passing by, i didn’t look at the clock…at one point i just saw a message stating that my session had been closed, because my credit card was maxed out. At that moment i realised…it happened again. I was without money…but happy…. satisfied….taken.

Financial Domination   She maxed out my credit card with tan stockings pic   Your Money Slave

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