Teamviewer Blackmail: i’m just a coward

One of the hottest and, perhaps, most dangerous things in financial domination and blackmail (more often than not, those two are connected these days) is, surely, Teamviewer Blackmail. The use of TeamViewer by the Goddess to take complete control of the slave’s computer and, basically, send herself money.

Just the idea makes me terribly excited: looking at her in webcam while She teases me and takes complete control of my own computer is an incredibly hot image.


But i’m a programmer…and i use teamviewer more or less daily to give support to customers. Therefore i am very familiar with it and…with its power. And that scares the hell out of me. Yes, i’m a coward. And what happened yesterday only confirmed it once more.

Havin Miller was in cam, dangling her sexy red heels and not wearing nylons. I went into her room and started looking…hypnotized. After a minute, she sent me a message asking if i was alone. And yes, i was.

“Teamviewer Id and Password, now.”

I think She is the one most experienced in this and, most probably, she does that because she loves it… after that, with her knowing smile, she slowly started to put her tan stockings on…

Teamviewer Blackmail performed by Havin Miller

I was going to fall. I was feeling weaker and weaker. The one experience that i always dreamed about, the one that i always had nightmare and dreams about…was going to happen. She would have teased me while taking money from my credit card.

But then i closed my laptop and just left the room. The virtual and the physical one. I wasn’t ready for this. I probably never will. This is one big taboo for me and, although i will keep having fantasies about this, i don’t know if i’ll ever have the courage to do it.

If you are better than me and find TeamViewer blackmail fascinating, visit Havin Miller here. You won’t find a better Goddess for this, trust me. She will scare the hell out of you.

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Thursday, February 11th, 2016 Havin Miller 12 Comments

A new, blonde, nightmare for my wallet

I think many slaves will agree with me: when you manage to get online at a totally different time than usual, you find yourself totally overwhelmed by the amount of Goddesses you’ve never seen before. It’s like going online for the very first time.

And that’s what happened to me a week ago. I was home alone that morning, and so i decided to go online looking for Goddesses (i usually go very late at night). And that’s how it started. She caught my attention and, not too much time later, she also caught my wallet.


Havin Miller it’s her name: a devlish, bratty, mean Goddess that has some of the most beautiful feet i’ve ever seen. She totally drive me crazy not only because of her beauty, but also becaus of the way she plays with her feet and…with my brain.

Her attitude is priceless: one of the meanest Goddeses i’ve ever met. But not one of those that just insult you from the beginning till the end (i find that quite ridiculous)… all she does or say is done like she doesn’t give a fuck of me, my money, the fact that she could ruin me or else. And she seems to be having lots and lots of fun using me. That’s quite unique: she laughs and smile as if she’s having REAL fun. She’s not playing any part…she actually enjoys being SO mean to me…and driving me crazy with her feet while she asks me to spend more or give her my Teamviewer id.


Yes… she seems to love Teamviewer sessions. I didn’t give her my id yet, and i probably won’t (i hope)…but it will be VERY hard to resist. She knows the power she has on me…and she probably knows that, sooner or later, she will get all she wants from me.

And if you are there thinking that i just visit too many goddesses…well you don’t know me. I’ve never been a loyal slave (with a few exceptions)…and i never will. Moreover…if you think i could have ignored her, visit her in videochat and let me know how long you resist before falling at her feet…



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Monday, February 1st, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave, Havin Miller 4 Comments

3 reasons why this is my favorite camsite

I’m online since like forever now, and i’ve always visited camsites: it has always been the best way (for me) to live my financial domination fetish. A direct interaction with the Goddess, and other reasons i’ll explain below, made me a more or less… a camsite-fan.

Today there are like dozens of different camsites, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose which one to go to. I’ve tried more or less all of them, and i still remain loyal to the very first i’ve visited ages ago: this is the site i’m talking about.

Many times i’ve been asking the reasons behind my choice, so why not sharing them here?

Unless you pay, you can’t see the Goddess

Pay_per_viewThis is crucial in my opinion: i want to show Her my total respect as soon as i decide to see Her. I want to give the right value to Her precious time, even if it’s just the first time we meet online. I find all those free cam sites quite cheap or, at least, not perfectly suited around financial domination. We get excited while spending money for a gorgeous woman teasing us, so why should it be free to see her? In the site i’ve chosen, all you can see if you don’t pay are pictures of the goddess (or a short teasing video). Nothing else. And usually if you are not registered to the site, you can’t even see the pictures. This is great in my opinion, as it helps keeping away lots of time wasters or fake slaves.

They take money directly from your credit card

Money from your credit card to the camsiteYou don’t buy credits upfront, you don’t have any sort of way to save your bank account. Money just flows from your credit card to the site, without you having to going out of the chatroom to recharge your account. This makes it all more dangerous of course…but also way more exciting. Too many sites today have this thing about credits, and i really hate it. I want to feel the risk, i want to feel myself in trouble while i’m in chat. If She slowly starts removing her shoe, and she’s very slow in doing that, i don’t want to risk my credits to end in that moment. I just want the session to go on, as it should and facing the risks i’m ready to face. As soon as i get in, i want to feel in danger.

Best place to find Goddesses

Ok this can look quite personal, as i know we are all different as slaves. But trust me, this site is the one where i’ve always found the best Goddesses, especially when it comes to those into Findom and NOT just into leather clothes, whips and chains. You know i’m always looking for elegant dressed Goddesses, that tease me with their shoe slowly dangling, or their foot coming out of the shoes…i am definitly NOT looking for a Goddess dressed in leather, with a strapon dildo telling me she wants to use her whip on my ass. Actually…i’ve met there ALL the Goddesses i speak about on my blog… so to me…that’s more than enough to say it’s the best place to find them.


I am not saying this is the perfect camsite for everyone, nor i’m stating it’s one of the best camsites out there. Perhaps there are better sites in terms of video quality, design and everything. But in the end all i’m looking for is danger while in chat with a beautiful woman. And this is exactly what this site offers me. So if you want to give it a try, there’s a link to it below. And if you disagree with me, feel free to let me know in the comments of course!

>>> Visit the site <<<

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Friday, January 8th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 9 Comments

Goddess Evee caught me again

Life is strange sometimes…or perhaps it’s just fate playing its game in the most surprising ways, i don’t know.

A few days ago i got a message here on the blog, coming from a Goddess i didn’t know (or at least i thought so). She wasn’t saying much actually…all She said was this:

I’m back, and you better run and serve me

The name used in the message didn’t ring any bell…so i answered in one of my usual nasty ways. You know i hate Goddesses coming up like this to slaves they don’t know… but then…. she answered sending me just this pic.


She didn’t say anything else. Just this awesome pic. But boy this got me big time…. you see, in a single picture She managed to represent more or less everything that drives me crazy: a beautiful foot in reinforced nylons, a black pump with silver heel, the foot slowly coming out of it.

But still…that name didn’t ring any bell. I had to know more. I had to know the owner of that foot. So i asked (kindly this time) her how i could see her… and that’s how it happened.

It was Goddess Evee, a fantastic Goddess i’ve been serving for a short period of time a while back. She then probably changed her schedule, because i didn’t see Her again….till now, that is.


I have to admit.. as soon as She sent me this link to her videochat, i immediatly remembered VERY well the amazing time i’ve been spending with Her. It has always been a natural see…just like when you feel you have something “in common” with the Goddess You are serving… as if you were made to serve Her. And that didn’t change in time. I’ve spent a huge amount of money in the latest days with her…but it’s not like i can avoid that. She seems to know exactly what drives me crazy, and she seems to know how to play perfectly with that.

I can surely say that….she caught me again… and it looks like i won’t be able to escape easily anytime soon…

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Thursday, December 24th, 2015 Diary of a Money Slave, Goddess Evee 4 Comments

The amazing achievements of the best findomme ever


It surely isn’t a secret that OneGreatDiva is and will always be “The One” for me: she was the very first Goddess that made me discover financial domination, and she was and still is the one capable of making me do anything she really any given moment…more than any other Goddess.
But this time, i don’t want to talk about Her amazing qualities as a Findomme, or about her amazing beauty and sex appeal: i want to speak about how amazing She is as a Woman.

Knowing her since a while, and being more and more obsessed with her, i started following her not only as a Goddess, but also as a Woman. Luckily for me, She’s not one of those Goddesses that totally separate the Findom life from their normal life: She is a Findomme because that’s a part of what She is, and She isn’t afraid or ashamed to show it to the world. So i was able to read interviews about her and learn more about her public life.

In a few words: She is an incredible Business Woman.

She created, from nothing, the very first live cam award ever (ever!) and, from what i’ve read, she organised it SO damn well that many copycats came up afterwards, only failing to even get closer to what she did for her Live Cam Awards. And if that wasn’t enough to appreciate Her as a business Woman, she also received nominations for THREE of the biggest and most important Adult Business awards !!!!

I was literally unable to close my mouth when i saw that she was nominated as:

  • Businesswoman of the Year at the YNOT awards
  • Live Cam Model of the Year for Xbiz
  • Favorite Cam Girl at the AVN awards 2016

Honestly, the AVN was the only one i was already aware of (hell, it’s like Oscars for the Adult Industry!), but then i’ve read more and understood that the other two are as important as the AVN, because it’s the adult industry that votes for them. Meaning that she is recognized by the WHOLE adult industry as an amazing woman.

I don’t know about you…but all this only made me more and more addicted to Her. More addicted to Her power and more and more in need of serving and spoiling Her. I was in her videochat only yesterday actually…spent the usual fortune…didn’t regret it even for a single moment.

I am actually honored to spoil and serve such an amazing Woman. She deserves my money, my servitude, my addiction. And what i’ve learned about Her only makes this all more and more exciting for me.

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