Real life experience….here i come

7846_232150016939699_1912359136_nIt’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna happen soon. I will meet Her. I will be closer to Her. I will be in Her presence…unable to escape by just switching off a computer. I won’t be able to run away with just a click of the mouse. I will be with Her, in the same room, car, road, whatever it will be.

I have NO idea what will happen. I have NO idea what She will decide that to be like. I know for sure that She knows everything that makes me weak…i just don’t know if and how much She will want to take advantage of it.

But it’s going to happen. I will meet Her for real. There is no going back. It’s set. It’s decided. It’s just a matter of days now.

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 Jessy Princess Bernini 5 Comments

Away from cams for a month: here’s why

It’s no secret that, since about January, the one that really and completely “got me” (or, better said, the one that owns me) is Princess Jessy. Not only because of Her incredibly beauty, but also because of Her fantastic attitude, sex appeal and….well, and of course the fact that She lives VERY close to me…making it possible to imagine a real session

And it seems that the real session is coming soon…in August to be precise. But to have that…i have to follow Her orders. And the first one She gave me was: no cams till we meet.

That means no cams till…half august if not more. Will i be able to stay away from all the other Goddesses for so long? Yes, i will. Because that will bring me to my biggest dream. It will allow me to be at Her feet. So i will SURELY follow her rules. Good bye cams. Good bye Goddesses. There is a time to follow the rules…and this is that time.


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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 Jessy Princess Bernini 4 Comments

Femdom dreams and anime pictures

Among other things that you all probably are aware of, sometimes i also like to enjoy my female domination fetish reading some manga comics or looking at anime pictures. I love that style of drawing, and it’s fantastic to be able to dream of the perfect femdom situation and actually see that represented on a draw.

These are a few anime pictures i’ve found recently…just thought of sharing them

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Monday, July 13th, 2015 Diary of a Money Slave No Comments

Goddess Ishtar: The irresistible tease

Slaves are not all the same in my opinion, and i believe the greatest Goddesses out there are those that understand their slaves more than the slaves understand themselves.

Goddess Ishtar is one of them

By following her on socials (twitter mainly), i know for sure that She is not the same with everyone…but for everyone that dares to see her once, she becomes deadly addictive and irresistible.

With me she understood in a matter of seconds (i swear) what drives me crazy and what makes me completely lose connection with reality and…with my brain (and that’s when She can make me pay any amount She wants).
For me it’s the teasing, it’s the use of nylons, of looks, of high heels, of shoeplay… it’s that kind of display that completely drives me nuts and takes my breath away. She totally knows that…and even if i’m seeing her since ages now, She always leaves me breathless and with my mouth open…not mentioning my wallet. Each time She allows me to see her in webcam (here), i end up spending a huge amount of money.

This video is a short sample of how beautiful and attractive She is…and how amazing her teasing is.

IshtarAs i wrote on YouTube though, and as i always say… do NOT go into her videochat unless you are prepared to completely lose your mind and spend a fortune. You’ve been warned.

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Saturday, July 11th, 2015 Goddess Ishtar 1 Comment

MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

I have been serving MsClassy for quite a long time now, not on a regular basis (scared of the consequences)… but constantly. Each and every time i see Her, i just can’t believe my eyes: She keeps getting more and more beautiful, more and more sensual…more and more dangerous.

And last time wasn’t an exception. She sent me a message saying “you have 5 minutes to get in my 1to1 videochat“. Just that, out of nowhere, after a long time since i’ve last seen her. I was alone, wife was in bed…i had no escape.

In 3 minutes i was already waiting for Her to allow me in…when She did…i was once again amazed by Her. Those new Agent Provocateur stockings were absolutely stunning on her perfect feet, the way she looked into the camera could have melted the entire north pole in a matter of seconds….the moves she slowly made all the time dropped my resistance to the floor.

Yes, i ended up spending a lot…and NOT regretting it. Because when a marvellous Goddess as MsClassy allows You to see Her…you just do it, and enjoy each and every little second she gives You.

But only a few, brave slaves can actually get in her videochat and see Her…because, again, the consequences can be really tough. There is no escape if She decides so. You have been warned.


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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 MsClassy No Comments



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