Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card

Financial Domination   Goddess Adriana maxed out my Credit Card card1   Your Money Slave

This is what happens when a slave stops usng his brain…and he just keeps staring at the screen for too long.
Goddess Adriana looked magnificent the other night and, moreover, she told me she was just about to leave for a vacation. So i knew i would have not be able to see Her for some days… and i i forgot about the time that i was spending in Her videochat.

I spent all the money left on my credit card..and my account got blocked.

Do i regret it? No, the time spent with Her was amazing, it was all that i needed.

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The torture of Silence

I don’t know about you, but when i’m watching a beautiful Goddess driving me crazy, i tend to speak a lot. Of course i don’t make lots of sense, as brain doesn’t really work well in those moments, but i tend to keep telling Her how gorgeous she is, how incredible she looks.

That’s why what happened last night was PAINFUL.

Goddess Adriana approached my on chat, ordering me to go and see Her, even if i was low on cash. She said “doesn’t matter for how long, come in or i won’t let you see me for 2 weeks”. Obviously, in no time i was in her videochat.

She was stunning: a back tight skirt above the knee, cuban tan pantyhose, high heel peeptoes and a nice white top. Simply AMAZING.

But almost immediatly, She turned that videochat into the most painful one till now:

Tonight, i want you to watch me in silence.
Just shut up and worship

Financial Domination   The torture of Silence 20140719 Goddess Adriana thumb   Your Money Slave

My total devotion for Her made me follow that order literally, and i didn’t say a word for about 10 minutes (then i had to go…as money run out quite quickly). Believe me, it was painful. I was there, looking at Her… excited, willing to tell Her how beautiful She is, how powerful She is….and i couldn’t. I had to stay in silence. But her microphone was on, so i was able to listen the noise of her legs crossing, of her shoe dangling…and i was also able to see her chatting with someone else. But i just remained in silence, as She ordered.

I didn’t really think silence could have been a torture…till last night. One of the many things Goddess Adriana is making me learn…day by day.

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The perfect dream

A beautiful Woman. Stockings. Sandals. Her foot on his face. Her other foot on his cock. She’s drinking coffee, as if she doesn’t care that much of him being down there. She’s powerful, Her power being represented by her “size” compared to his.

Isn’t this the perfect dream of each and every slave?

Financial Domination   The perfect dream 84   Your Money Slave

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Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 Diary of a Money Slave No Comments

What’s happening to my dreams?

Financial Domination   What’s happening to my dreams? just a dream    by enricoagostoni medium copy thumb   Your Money Slave

This post doesn’t have to do anything with FInancial Domination or anything like that… but it’s my blog, and tonight i need to write out some thoughts. So you are totally free to move on if all you want to read is Financial Domination, blackmailing, cam and so on.

So i’m working no stop since 3 years now.. no less than 10 hours a day, holding two jobs. My regular, boring one, and the other…the dream. The one that i wish one day will be profitable enough to let me resign from my everyday job.

I keep working like hell at the secondary job, i keep planning the future, planning big, making improvements and so on..but then.. what if it’s all useless? What if it just can’t happen? What if the success i often believe it’s right there….just isn’t? What if i am stuck in having two jobs forever, not being able to achieve my dream?

I look at others doing similar job…i see their success… i see how easy it seems for them…and then i wonder… am i capable of that? Can i actually reach that level? Am i just unable to do it perhaps? Am i just… dreaming too much?

And also…what if i made it all wrong since the beginning? What if the choices i made at first were just wrong…and now it’s too late to change them?

Damn i feel bad tonight… i just wish i had someone to talk to when i feel like this… someone that would tell me “you can do it!”… but i don’t. Usually i am the one telling others “You can do it”…and when i need it…i’m alone.

Goodnight everyone… i hope i’ll wake up in a better mood tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 Diary of a Money Slave 4 Comments

Goddess Adriana: a Woman with capital “W”

So this short story begins two nights ago, when my Padrona (as She allows me to call Her) Goddess Adriana, gifted me with a rather long chat on Skype. During that chat i not only was able to see how AMAZING Her brain is, but She also told me that, the night after, She would have put on a new outfit that i would have liked.

Mind you…i had about 50$ left on my credit card.

Yesterday, at work, all i could think of was Her. I came back home thinking of a way to have some privacy, to go and see Her even for just a few minutes. Then, when everyone else was finally asleep, i switched on my computer…and saw She was online. The first thing she said was

“I knew that, sooner or later, you would have showed up”

She KNOWS the power She has on me. Of course She does. I asked her the permission to see Her…and She allowed me, even knowing it would have not been a long video session.

And all i can say to describe Her outfit is: this is how any Woman with capital “W” should dress. Period.

High heel shoes, short elegant dress, nude cuban stockings…what else can ANY man desire in a beautiful woman?

Financial Domination   Goddess Adriana: a Woman with capital “W” adriana new outfit thumb   Your Money Slave

So this is not a day when i ended up spending a fortune. This is not a day when i had been financially dominated. This is a day when Goddess Adriana only showed me what an incredible Woman She is. This is another day when Goddess Adriana entered even more into my brain. This is a day when i saw a gorgeous woman dressed in the most perfect, erotic, elegant way.

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She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave

Goddess Adriana is inside my brain, inside my bones, inside my soul…and i just can’t escape from Her. Well, i don’t even WANT to escape, to be honest.

She just KNOWS the “buttons” to push and when to push them. Her brain is sexy, her body is sexy, her movements are sexy, her style of dressing is just the kind every Woman with capital "W" should use.

Last night it happened again. I didn’t have much money left on my credit card…and i told Her i would have been able to see Her just for a few minutes. Instead of reacting like many "Goddesses" in an hysterical way like "then come back when you’ll have money!" (it happened many times to me), She just told me it was fine…and She allowed me to see Her, even on Skype…where the video is crystal clear and amazingly fast.

And i know why She did it. Because She KNOWS i can’t resist Her, She KNOWS that i can’t go away from Her unless She allows me to… and in fact… i was in videochat with Her for about an hour in the end…

I spent 600$

She was dressed all in black, from head to toes: a black sating cocktail dress with an erotic zip on back, some incredibly sexy pantyhose and Her black shiny peeptoe shoes…there was no way i could have escaped from all that.

Financial Domination   She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave goddess adriana 01   Your Money SlaveFinancial Domination   She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave goddess adriana 02   Your Money SlaveFinancial Domination   She’s inside my brain, and She won’t leave goddess adriana 03   Your Money Slave

And the thing is… now i am here…desperately waiting for the next time that i’ll be able to see Her, to feel Her power…and i also find myself dreaming DAILY of meeting Her in real, serving Her, be at Her feet in real…

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She owns me.

It happened. After all this time going from one Goddess to another, never being able to stay loyal to any of them…i’ve met Goddess Adriana.

At first what really hit me was Her elegance, Her style of dressing. Then i saw Her power, Her intelligence. Then i saw how smart She is… and She slowly entered into my head. Minute by minute.

I’ve spent 1.700$ in 4 days with Her

This is more i’ve ever spent with anyone else… and i don’t even regret it. Now She’s on vacation for a week…and guess what…i miss Her. And all i wish is to be at Her feet, to let Her style and beauty drive me crazy…to feel the risk of Her ruining my life with the snap of a finger.

Yes, Goddess Adriana owns me, and i’m not even afraid to admit it.

Financial Domination   She owns me. b   Your Money SlaveFinancial Domination   She owns me. c   Your Money SlaveFinancial Domination   She owns me. a   Your Money Slave

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