About the interview to Princess Rene

Princess Renee

Without any doubt, Princess Rene is one of the most beautiful Goddesses on the scene today (and She has been since a long time now), so having the chance to know a bit more about Her is surely a thing to don’t be missed.

The italian forum MyFetishRoom recently made an interview to Her, and they published it (in italian and english) yesterday at this address. Some of the things She says there are pretty obvious or, better said, are the things we would expect by such a famous Findom as She is…but there are also some very interesting facts.

The thing that i’ve found more surprising is when She speaks of a muslim slave and the way he wants to be dominated… considering the time we live in, reading what follows is at least meant to turn some heads around:

“I do have a Muslim slave who prays via webcam to me, calling me “Rene-Allah.” I’m not religious so it’s just amusing to me but, to him, he’s doing something extremely taboo, erotic, and something that could really get him into big trouble!”

I can’t think of a more dangerous thing for a Muslim to do… even worst than blackmailing probably! It’s also fascinating to read about the gifts she got during the years, and picturing this scene made me realise how it must be the life of a Princess:

“Another fan once bought me 50 gifts off my wish list at once, so I had a TON of presents arrive to my house all at once!”

There are more things She says in the interview, so be sure to read it all…i’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Sunday, March 1st, 2015 Diary of a Money Slave No Comments

The dumbest message i ever got


Basically, i am no one… so i don’t really receive messages often from the “contact me” page here. But sometimes i do, usually from others sharing the same experience of me, writing me to exchange opinions or just talk. Other times i get messages from “dommes” that say “i’m the best bla bla bla spoil me” (and that’s just not what a domme should do)… but what i got yesterday… was surreal. So DUMB that i couldn’t even believe it was real.

So i get this message:

I don’t really know what all this crap is. All I know is that I’m a female and I want money for doing nothing. I’m a student who needs to pay off some things like books and all that.

At first i just thought this was a joke… wanted to ignore that…but i thought on answering, just to see if it could go on…

Good luck with your studies then

I thought it was over.. but then i even got another reply!

So you’re going to pay me?

How can you be SO dumb? Can you even read english? Can you even TRY to understand what is this all about???
I might not be the most intelligent person ever…but at least, before contacting someone, i try to read a bit more…i try to avoid looking like a complete IDIOT.

Oh well..what can i say…at least she put a smile on my face :)

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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 Diary of a Money Slave 8 Comments

Jessy Princess Bernini took 700$ in NO time

jessy-princess-berniniWhat’s happening with Jessy Princess Bernini is surely something totally new to me…something i didn’t even think it could have been possible. The way She rapes my wallet is, more or less, the same as other did in the past (from her videochat, that is)…but there is more with Her.

Most probably the first “special” thing about Her is, easily, the fact that she’s italian and actually lives in Florence…the same city i work in. That has to do a HUGE part on making me feel this all as something totally new…more intense.

But it’s not just that. And, obviously, it’s not just her beauty. It’s the fact that she’s smart, funny and…doesn’t play any kind of part. She’s herself all the time…and this is more than enough for me to feel the NEED to spoil her as much as i can.

And that’s what happened tonight. She took 700$ from me in about 30 minutes. She was gorgeous (and funny too), dressed in a short tight dress and black pantyhose… and now.. i’m just looking forward for the next time that she will allow me to see Her..doesn’t happen that often…because.. she’s not playing a part, she’s doing this when she feels like doing it.


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Saturday, February 7th, 2015 Jessy Princess Bernini 1 Comment

Vice.com decided to interview me as well

Ok this is starting to be a bit… awkward. I’m surely NOT used to so much attention… but if someone asks me to answer a few questions…why not? And so i did the same when Nick from Vice.com wrote me about an interview.

It was published today, and you can read it here.

What do i think of the whole article? Well… honestly…nothing original or too deep, but surely a way better article than the classic “you are all a bunch of perverts that need help” type of article.

In the meanwhile… i’m more and more impressed by Jessy Princess Bernini, and it’s really pointless for me to hide that. She’s young, beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny and… absolutely NOT one of those “goddesses” that keep contacting a slave in order to make him go to serve them. She simply doesn’t care, she has way too many slaves…and i more or less have to stand in the queue and wait for my turn.

In the meanwhile…all i can do is keep dreaming on the fee photos she puts online… and wait for the time when she will finally allow me to see her again in video…

Jessy Princess Bernini

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Have you ever read an interview to a Moneyslave?

I have to admit, when Gisy Scerman wrote me an e-mail asking if She could interview me… i was VERY surprised. I mean…. i’m just a slave as many others in the end…why would people be interested in what i have to say?

I stopped asking this question to myself and just started answering the questions, amazed by Gisy’s skills in making them, and… i guess it came out quite better than i thought. We spoke about everything… from how i came to moneyslavery…till what i think of the so many “Goddesses” that just don’t have a clue of what they are doing.

The full interview (in english) is avaliable here. I will post below a couple of questions that i think might be interesting.

Jessy Princess Bernini

Jessy Princess Bernini

First of all…the “big” question..

What is a real money slave? And why do you think you are one?

First, I have to say that I consider myself like an unusual money slave, one with big shortcomings. I spend my money only during cam sessions (there are different reasons and one is that doing it this way is easier to justify the bills) so I cannot think of myself as a real money slave. A real moneyslave does not care in which way he spends his money, just whom is he spending it for(his Mistress). Frankly, I do not believe that one could be a slave without having any kind of erotic feelings/attachments (I am not referring to nudity, but seduction, a gaze, anything…). I think that Findom is based on going crazy for a woman. A man, I think, gets crazy for a girl when he stops thinking with his brain and starts thinking with the other brain, the one between his legs.

And then… let’s make some names… and one name that i’ve never spoke about before on this blog…

Could you say the name of some Money Mistresses that you admire? Is there any Italian one?

About foreign Mistresses there would be a lot and everyone has a different reason to be nominated, but, hands down, OneGreatDiva is the Money Mistress with capital M, no doubt. There is an Italian Money Mistress that I admire, but I never served her, I interact with her occasionally, I think she is exceptional, she is Jessy Princess Bernini. I never served her because I’m very scared. I think that the main reason of my fear is the fact that she lives so close to me (in the same city where I work: Florence). She is the one who I dreamed most to serve in real life.

Again…i don’t really know if any of you would have interest in reading the whole (quite long) interview…but… i have to admit… it was a nice surprise, so i thought about posting about it…

By the way, Gisy Scerman is not just a great writer…but also a beautiful woman (and a domme). Be sure to visit her Clips4Sale here: http://clips4sale.com/87103

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