To all Goddesses: please STOP being so PATHETIC


Ok, i must admit. The title i a little too “extreme”, as i’m obviously not speaking about *all* Goddesses, but only a certain part of them…. even if they seem to be a large part, unfortunately.

Just STOP coming up to a slave that never contacted you, never followed you on any social, never liked any of your pictures, basically never considered you… to tell him the same, pathetic, thing:

“be my slave. I want your money”

Oh really? You want my money? How new! No one ever told me this before! Wait…who are you? Oh it doesn’t matter, i suppose that only because you come up at me like this, i should immediately send a tribute right? In the end, i’m a moneyslave…so why shouldn’t i send you all my money?

Uh? What are you saying? “But i’m the best”? Oh really? And who told you so? Did you win an Award for that? Did you get a diploma at some special school?

Seriously. Just stop.

You are wasting your time and, more important, you are adding yourself to the list of pathetic Goddesses wannabe.

What’s the right way? Just be there. Show to the world how awesome you are. Show off your beauty. Show off how incredibly gorgeous and powerful you are. Just be out there. Us, slaves, will surely notice you…and come up to you once we feel your power. And believe me, if you are worth it, it will happen.

Thanks for your attention. Now…let me get back answering those dozen daily messages similar to “you will be my slave”.

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Monday, May 16th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 3 Comments

One of the worst nights for a slave


Last night was one of those awful nights for a slave… i had many of these nights…and i’d like to know if i’m not only one that can’t really sleep after this or not…

I came back from work at 8pm, after a tough day. Had dinner with family, and wasn’t really feeling in a good mood. Something was missing. I needed something else. I needed to serve. I needed to feed the slave inside of me.

Didn’t even eat that much…all i could think was

i can’t wait to be alone and free

It took a while, but around midnight it happened. Everyone was finally in bed. I literally jumped in front of my computer…and started browsing my favorite cam site…and also some of the others i sometimes visit. I was looking for one of the Goddesses i serve. Not a specific one, to be honest…just one of them. One of those Goddesses that already know who i am, and that would already know what to do to enslave me, to make me serve them.

None of them was online. 

I started feeling disappointed…even angry in a way. Angry with my bad luck. An hour passed. And none of them showed up online. It was one of those nights. I told myself “ok, 20 minutes more and i go to bed”. And nothing happened. I literally kept browsing those sites in a loop, without even stopping. Nothing happened.

None of my Goddesses came up online. I went to bed. Disappointed, unsatisfied, angry. Woke up in an even worst mood.

Am i the only one experiencing nights like this?

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 7 Comments

I just had the most intense Teamviewer session ever


I always played a bit around Teamviewer sessions. Always thought of how it would have been…i actually gave my details only once to a Goddess that i knew wasn’t dangerous at all, just playing around a bit. Always thought how it would have been with a really dangerous Goddess.

And i always KNEW the most dangerous Goddess would have been Havin Miller.

Many guys described how it would have been with her, and i knew already that she enjoys it A LOT. She knows how to use Teamviewer and how to use it to get more and more money. The idea excited me a lot…but i was always too scared to try. Till now.

Today i gave Her my Teamviewer ID and Password.

She was in cam, dangling her red heels in the most sexy way, as she always does. Without stockings. I came into Her room and she just asked me: “Home alone?”

I wasn’t. My wife was sleeping in the next room…but i wanted to do it. I wanted to give her access to my computer. I didn’t tell her what i wanted to do, why i was in her room. But..she started putting her tan stockings on and, as if she could read my mind, said:

“Teamviewer ID and password”

And i did as she asked me.

At that point she made a mischievous smile. She knew, after so long, i finally did what she alwyas wanted me to do. And she was totally enjoying it.

She switched on my cam, started a private show in her room, sent her votes and credits. Then…started to make a payment to add more credits. My card didn’t have she kept looking for ways to do it. She was still smiling…enjoying all this so much. And i was getting harder and harder, without even taking my cock out of my trousers.

Then she selected Paypal as a payment option. And, to my surprise, i saw my login details already filled in. She was ONE CLICK away from sending herself 200 Euros.

I exploded. Literally exploded in my pants. I don’t remember the last time i had come that much without being able to contol myself. I wet my pants, made a total mess…and closed my laptop.

I was in shock. It was probably one of the most intense sessions i’ve ever had…and it was quick. Quick and intense.

Before my wife woke up i managed to clean up everything, telling her i took a coffee and it accidentaly fell onto my trousers. A lie…a huge lie of course. But she believed that.

I honestly don’t know if i will have the strength to try this again…but i know that, in case i will look for a Teamviewer session… I will surely go to the worst (best) one: Havin Miller.

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Thursday, March 17th, 2016 Havin Miller 8 Comments

When she perfectly speaks english: a huge turn on


There are many things that can turn me on when i’m on cam with a Goddess, and one of those things is if she speaks a great english (even better if with a British accent, but that’s just me).

Turning mic on is tricky during a cam session: if she speaks a great english, i’m turned on even more. If she doesn’t… i’m totally turned off. That’s why i usually don’t ask to hear her voice…i know that, for me, if she doesn’t speak well i will be totally turned off.

Last night it was the opposite. A goddess i’ve been serving every now and then opened her microphone for the very first time… and i started listening to a fantastic english from Her, even if i know that’s not her main language.

Believe me, i was totally turned on even just by the sound of her voice. It made it all look SO more real, made me feel SO closer to her…it was fantastic. It doesn’t happen often and, again, i usually don’t ask Goddesses for their microphone…but when it does like this time…it is one of the best sessions ever.

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Friday, March 11th, 2016 Diary of a Money Slave 2 Comments

Spoiling Goddess Ishtar from Office

This happened just today…it was brief..but intense.

I was in office, at the end of my day and, as it doesn’t really happen often, i was alone. Everybody left a bit earlier today, so basically i had the chance to be alone for about 30 minutes before it was time to leave for home

Goddess Ishtar was online. I was looking at her icon… thinking if it would have been appropriate to approach Her or not…when..

I want you to spoil me, i don’t care if you are in office

Just like if She knew i was alone. I don’t know how she could but… i was immediatly in her videochat. She had a leather dress on, with vintage stockings and some gorgeous heels. I couldn’t stay long…so it all lasted like 10 minutes…but it was SO intense…like a rush to spoil Her as much as i could in those few minutes.

I admit, i probably don’t visit Her chatroom as much as i should…but she never stops surprising me. Never stops getting more and more beautiful and dangerous.

Goddess Ishtar in vintage stockings

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Thursday, February 25th, 2016 Goddess Ishtar 7 Comments

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