Here’s the secret behind the Findom Alert

So what’s this Findom Alert i keep seeing on your Twitter?

I get asked this question a lot…so let me just briefly explain.. it’s dead simple, actually (and there isn’t any hocus pocus behind it…lol). Being a programmer myself, i decided to create some sort of auto alert each time some specific Goddesses show up online on the site i always go for videochat…and so the Findom Alert was born.

Just follow me on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll be notified each time one of these Goddesses will be online available to be served on cam…simply as that. Nothing more, nothing less. I will add more profiles from time to time…but at the moment…these are the magnificient Goddesses i’ve added to that…


What if a Solar Eclipse is… a sign of Her power?

godOk today there is an almost total Solar Eclipse…here where i am the air conditioning just went’s cold as at north pole… sun is going down.. so i started dreaming… what if a solar eclipse would just be a sign of a Goddess power? Can you imagine? Not only She drives you crazy with her beauty, not only She brings you to your knees, not only She extincts Your bank account… She also decides to switch off the sun… damn…someone should make a movie out of this :-)

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Here’s how Princess Jessy took 1000$ from me


It’s growing…my addiction for Princess Jessy Bernini is growing… and growing… and growing. Till now i thought it was just because of Her beauty, Her attitude, Her passion for expensive nylons and shoes… but it’s more than that, and what happened last night just made me understand it more.

She didn’t even ask me to go and see Her, She didn’t even dress up, She didn’t even have to tease me into that. I just NEEDED to spend time with Her. So i actually begged Her to show up online, saying i totally didn’t care of the way she would have been dressed…all i wanted was to spend some time with Her.

And that’s what happened. Although, of course, she was looking stunning even without nylons or any fancy shoes. She had just a pair of black and white woolen stockings, and a short dress. But She is just too gorgeous.. too sexy…. too smart.

What happened? Time just started flying… and after a while i got kicked out of Her chatroom because i didn’t have any more money on my credit card. I spent 1000$ without even noticing it.

And i am sure this won’t even be the last time this happens… it will happen again…because there is no way i can avoid spending time with Her…no way.

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It happened: i’ve met Her in person


And so it happened… in the most unexpected way, in the most casual way…but still something i won’t be able to take away from my mind anytime soon.

A few days ago I’ve met one of the Goddesses i’ve spoken a lot on this blog

It was brief, it was nothing sexual, it was just a short chat like an “hello how are you” other than the “get on your knees” i’ve always dreamed about, but it still felt incredibly great.

The moment we both saw eachother (from some distance), She gifted me with a beautiful smile, that surely made everything easier.

Then, after a while, we even had the time to briefly exchange some words, and i actually managed to remain calm and quite confident (most probably because of Her totally friendly and “easy” approach).

But i have to admit… even just touching her shoulder casually while i was telling Her “you look even more beautiful in person than on cam”….made me… yeah you can guess it… i got hard.

It was even less than 5 minutes…but i will always thank Her because She made it possible (nothing would have stopped her from ignoring me or acting in an unfriendly way)….and no, i won’t tell you Her name. That’s something i’ll keep it for myself.

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Keep using Teamviewer even if it says “Commercial use suspected”


As i’m sure all of you already know, TeamViewer is not only an incredible tool for any IT professionist….it’s also a tool widely used in the Financial Domination world. It’s one of the forms in which blackmailing is enjoyed and, having tried it myself with Goddess Adriana, i can assure you that it’s very exciting to leave your computer totally open to your Goddess while she drives you crazy with her teasing (visual or not, it’s the same).

But TeamViewer it’s not a free tool…and if you use it too often, it will start telling you the message “Commercial use suspected” and won’t let you use it unless you buy the corporate version.

I’ve found a way to make it work again, and i think it can be useful if i post it here…just in case someone needs it…. so here it is:

  1. - Uninstall Teamviewer
  2. - Click Start then type %appdata% – now delete the Teamviewer folder
  3. - Click Start the type %temp% and delete the contents of this folder as well as the X:Windowstemp folder

  4. - Click Start then type regedit, delete the registry folder found at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareTeamViewer & the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARETeamViewer

  5. - Then goto X:Users(Your username)AppDataRoaming > delete the Teamviewer folder [you might have to make hidden folders visible to see it or just type the path into the address bar]
  6. - Restart your PC
  7. - Now change your MAC address, either manually or with a tool like TMAC [I suggest changing the MAC address on both network connections, i.e. wireless and LAN]
  8. - Install TeamViewer [You’ll see your PC has a new TeamViewer ID]

That’s it. Not the easiest procedure possible…but it’s the only working way. Don’t trust those that send you a crack or anything…they just don’t work.

thanks to handshake for the guide

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