MsClassy: you need to be brave to see Her

I have been serving MsClassy for quite a long time now, not on a regular basis (scared of the consequences)… but constantly. Each and every time i see Her, i just can’t believe my eyes: She keeps getting more and more beautiful, more and more sensual…more and more dangerous.

And last time wasn’t an exception. She sent me a message saying “you have 5 minutes to get in my 1to1 videochat“. Just that, out of nowhere, after a long time since i’ve last seen her. I was alone, wife was in bed…i had no escape.

In 3 minutes i was already waiting for Her to allow me in…when She did…i was once again amazed by Her. Those new Agent Provocateur stockings were absolutely stunning on her perfect feet, the way she looked into the camera could have melted the entire north pole in a matter of seconds….the moves she slowly made all the time dropped my resistance to the floor.

Yes, i ended up spending a lot…and NOT regretting it. Because when a marvellous Goddess as MsClassy allows You to see Her…you just do it, and enjoy each and every little second she gives You.

But only a few, brave slaves can actually get in her videochat and see Her…because, again, the consequences can be really tough. There is no escape if She decides so. You have been warned.


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That magic moment when the shoe drops: a short video

Believe it or not, every foot fetishist is a bit different than the others. We like different kind of feet, different kind of nylons, nail polish…you name it. But there is one thing that will turn EVERY foot fetish head: a shoe dropping to the floor.

There is nothing more magical than that moment: when finally the object of our fetish completely reveals itself to our eyes. The foot comes out of the shoe…and we can see it in its full glory.

I was thinking about it tonight…and just decided to make a short video. Here it is.



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Why camgirls are so hated in the BDSM community


Recently i had quite a few discussions about this, and i still can’t understand all this hate. Some people in the BDSM world (both slaves AND Goddesses) simply… hate camgirls being findoms. They call them cheapfakes, prostitutes…and many many bad words more. They say a Findom Goddess should NEVER ever use her body to attract a slave, that She can’t be called a Goddess because it’s just a job for her, that she’s there in front of everyone doing everything slaves ask her to do.

To me, this is just total IGNORANCE of what a Findom Goddess in cam really does and, moreover, a way to cover the fact that they don’t do cams because they simply can’t….they need photoshop to look good.

As you all know, i’ve always served in cam…and there is just one simple reason: beauty makes me weak…and a webcam doesn’t lie (till a certain extent). You can’t post fake pictures, you can’t edit your image with Photoshop. It’s You, Your beauty, Your attitude…in front of me, in real time.

And that’s why i don’t think this is for everyone: the web is full of “cam findomme wannabe”, girls that i can probably visit once, maybe twice…they just stop forever even considering visiting them…because they don’t have “that something”.

And that’s probably why many “non cam Goddesses” hate Goddesses like OneGreatDiva, Alexya, Ishtar or  MsClassy (to name a few that built their EMPIRE through cams): they know it’s impossible for them to be as gorgeous, as irresistible, as naturally dominant…so they prefer to hate them and say nasty things about them.

What do you think?

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Thursday, May 28th, 2015 Diary of a Money Slave 3 Comments

The Countess: slowly showing me Her power

Although i am totally amazed and “in need” of Princess Jessy, recently i had a couple of chances to visit The Countess chatroom… in one of those moments when you feel the need to be dominated and… Your Goddess is not around.

And even if it was just a couple of times, i feel the need to talk about Her…because i think she’s exceptional in more than one way.

I won’t spend too much time talking about Her beauty, because that’s kinda obvious to anyone having even just a quick look at her profile…what i want to talk about is the way she handles the session…the way she bringes you down slowly and steadly.

She won’t ask you things immediatly, she won’t demand you to serve Her…she will take Her time…she will slowly understand your weaknesses..and she will slowly use them to her advantage… with you unable to stop Her.

First time i was with Her it was for about 20 minutes… it was amazing even if she didn’t even show me her feet EVER. She just talked to me…she looked in the cam with that sexy look, she gave me quick views of her amazing body (in stockings and high heels, by the way).

The second time, instead, it was longer… more than an hour… and only hearing my wife coming into the room saved me from spending a fortune and doing God knows what under her control.

She constantly kept me on the edge…with Her incredibly dangling and that shoe never falling down… she made if fall down only after 45 minutes..and only to obtain what she wanted (that is, me spending more)… and, i swear, i was almost SCREAMING by the need of being under Her power, under Her control… it was one of the most mindblowing sessions i’ve ever had… and that’s why i needed to share it on my diary…because She’s one to be remembered… even if, i swear, Princess Jessy is and will be my only TRUE Goddess for a long time…

The Countess countess3 countess1

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Here’s the secret behind the Findom Alert

So what’s this Findom Alert i keep seeing on your Twitter?

I get asked this question a lot…so let me just briefly explain.. it’s dead simple, actually (and there isn’t any hocus pocus behind it…lol). Being a programmer myself, i decided to create some sort of auto alert each time some specific Goddesses show up online on the site i always go for videochat…and so the Findom Alert was born.

Just follow me on Twitter or Facebook and you’ll be notified each time one of these Goddesses will be online available to be served on cam…simply as that. Nothing more, nothing less. I will add more profiles from time to time…but at the moment…these are the magnificient Goddesses i’ve added to that…




The Mo$t Dangerou$

The Best Findom Ever

Follow me on Twitter

If you are not a real Goddess