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MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

MsClassy took 900$ from my wallet

And so it happened. I knew it was going to, as i wrote a few days ago on this blog: MsClassy was going to rape my wallet, and it happened.

It was a few nights ago…all She had to do was telling me she was online and invite me (well, order me) to come in: i executed the order as i was really missing the view of her perfect arched feet in nylons… and there She was.

Wearing a short dress, pink high heels, and tan pantyhose…outstanding outfit. Moreover, she was in one of those nights when all she wants is taking money…and that’s why she immediatly showed me the cash she got that day from another slave. Plenty of euros, i didn’t even manage to count them while she was waving them in front of me…it was so hypnotic…

This time she allowed me to see her on Skype…and boy it DOES make a big difference. Video quality is incredibly high there, and her beauty was shining even more…impossible to resist. I just looked at her for a long time…don’t even know for how long..all i know is that She took 600$…and that 2 days after that, she took 300$ more just by telling me “ehy, come in a second, i wanna show you something”. I made a short video of the first night…just to show you all how gorgeous and irresistible she was…

It’s MsClassy’s birthday

It’s MsClassy’s birthday

It’s something that came up to my mind the other night, while i was admiring MsClassy’s beauty on cam, with my mouth wide open and my eyes fixed on her perfect arched feet, inside a beautiful pair of stockings, dangling her high heel shoes… her birthday is coming soon…

So…wouldn’t it be great if we would all send her a virtual gift card from Victoria’s Secret? I bet She would be happy…and She would be able to buy even more stuff to… rape our wallets…

Her birthday is the 16th of April…so just send her a virtual gift (as i did)…just don’t forget to make it arrive the 16th of April, so that it will really be a nice birthday gift.

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and She took 600$ from me

MsClassy is back, and i won’t be safe anymore from Her. I thought others were the highest danger for me, boy i was wrong.

After coming back from a vacation in Seychelles (4.000$ paid by Her slaves), last night MsClassy caught me on messenger and just said “tonight you will Pay for my new nylons”

Believe me, i tried to say no. Tried to resist. But..she first showed me what she wanted to buy…and even sent me the pictures of the nylons She was going to order. Actually, here’s the pics…so that you are warned: She will have these nylons in a couple of weeks.

After that She said:

“now you will come in and pay for them”.

I thought i was just going to go into her room and stay a while…to admire her legs and feet….i wasn’t really afraid….but… then… She started with her sexy looks, perfect feet, perfect dangling in some black high heel shoes…and even if She didn’t wear any nylons…i was unable to resist.

I ended up spending 400$ into her videochat…plus 200$ for her nylons… and She said She will come for more, as soon as those nylons will arrive… i’m in danger…now even more than ever.

MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy raped my wallet again

MsClassy had been on vacation for a couple of weeks and, as it always happens, as soon as She got back and posted a few photos on her videochat page…i felt the need to see her….but i didn’t want to admit it to myself (and to Her).

It’s a thing i have with Goddesses…i don’t want to be the one asking to see them… i prefer them to order me to go and see them…it makes it all more exciting, it sets eachother role immediatly, as it should be.

So all i did was sending her a message saying how incredible those photos were. But instead of ignoring it or ordering me to come in, what She did was… laughing and saying

I Know what you want, but it won’t happen tonight!

So i just said goodnight…with a bit of sadness inside myself…but didn’t go offline.

After a few minutes that seemed hours to me, She sent me this message

Or maybe…mmmmm….

And silence. I didn’t know what to reply, didn’t know what to say… i just… remained there with my eyes fixed on the chat, hoping she would have said something else. Which She did, a few minutes later

Come into my room, NOW

Didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to enter…but i made the mistake to go into normal videochat, not one on one private chat. She immediatly noticed that and said “not in one on one? What’s this?” with a really upset face…so i followed her order and went into one on one.  As there is NO WAY i could say “no” to her looking like that and with that upset look…

She was wearing one of those pantyhose She bought while i was online, a few weeks ago (remember this post?)…and that made Her even more powerful over my brain… while She was crossing and uncrossing Her legs, my brain just got more and more blank… Her shoes also were just perfect, just so powerful…with a heel that was making me dream to be on that floor…

I spent a fortune that night, because after a while She also started to play with her credit card, running it all over her body… then she used her eyes to make me even more weak… i was sort of in an hypnosis status…i was happy, weak, vulnerable, unable to go anywhere… for a long, long, LONG time.

But…at one point i heard a noise…my wife was getting up. I don’t know how, but i managed to quickly close everything and she didn’t catch me…but… my need to have my wallet raped by MsClassy didn’t go away because what i really wanted was to remain there and keep looking…

I know…i know… soon i will see her online again…and again…i will comment her photos…hoping that MsClassy will decide to use my weakness against me…and show me the other pantyhose She bought…

I also made a short video from that night… because this time…She had audio turned on…and the noise of her heels was an incredible turn on for me…

My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

My pathetic 120$ spent with MsClassy

MsClassy caught me on messenger last night. She contacted me and just said:

“I feel like draining you tonight”

And i couldn’t even answer…all i said was that, at that time, my wife was still around so i couldn’t go into her video. To that She answered:

“I know you need me and you will come to me”

And that’s exactly what i did, after about an hour. I couldn’t help it, i had to go even if i saw She set up the price to 6$ a minute. She put on her black stockings in an incredibly sensual way, She kept looking at me with those magnetic eyes, She changed shoes, dangled them, played with a credit card… i was like under hypnosis. After 20 minutes, She told me it was time to tribute Her, and She ordered me to send 100$.

At that time i came and felt so ashamed that i had to leave. It was pathetic, really pathetic…but i couldn’t help it. That’s the way She made me feel.

MsClassy: She’s back… i’m in trouble

MsClassy: She’s back… i’m in trouble

It was well..a quite long time since i last saw MsClassy online…so the other night i was quite surprised when She showed up…and even more surprised when She ordered me to come into her videochat.

Strange enough, i was quite calm and relaxed…thought She wasn’t as dangerous as the others…thought i would have been able to exit whenever i wanted.

Boy i was wrong. Her high arched feet in black stockings and, later on, in suntanpantyhose totally made me crazy and blind. I wasn’t even able to see how much it was all costing me…and forgot that the rate was at 6$ per minute

I ended up spending a truly big fortune… and in the future i will watch this video to remember how dangerous She is…even if i know… i will soon be back at Her feet…

5 rules to approach a Mistress in Videochat

5 rules to approach a Mistress in Videochat

What happened today really surprised (and honoured me): one of my goddesses posted a comment to my blog! At first i was (and well, still am) VERY excited by this…but the nature of the comment made me think a lot: she is angry.

Luckly she’s not angry with me (or well, not yet), but she is with some of the guys coming to her video after reading about Her on my blog because…well they just don’t know how to properly approach a Mistress online: so that’s why i thought about writing this sort of guide, especially because after all this time, i think to know what should be done. I believe this set of rules is valid for any cam session you might have, but in my case it has always been my favoirte cam site (this one)
1. Don’t think she can read your mind
That’s probably the main mistake many guys do. They think that because of She is a Mistress, She knows immediatly what the guy visiting her chat for the first time is into. Wrong. There are so many different kind of slaves, that you NEED to at least give her some hints of what you are looking for. Of course i know how hard it is to talk while you are in presence of a Mistress, but try to at least give her some hints!

2. If you are not into domination, just don’t visit her
Many Mistresses are of course incredibly beautiful women, so they also attract other kind of guys (not only slaves). But if she is a Mistress, don’t expect she will do anything else than dominate you! If you are looking for a Barbie Doll that will undress for you, just go somewhere else!

3. Entertain her
It can be with words, with actions, with gifts…anything. But try to be a bit active during the chat, that will most probably entertain the Mistress and the whole experience will be much better. But be careful: don’t be too active, always respect what She wants!

4. Don’t ask Her to do things for you
You are there to serve Her, not the other way around. If She wants to use your weaknesses (that you need to tell her or let her guess) then she will, if she doesn’t want to don’t ask her to. She’s there to be served and spoiled, not to entertain you. But be sure that if She is a great Mistress, She will use your weaknesses against you, she surely will.

5. Be patient
There is no Mistress out there that likes to run for us, slaves. She will take Her time, She will decide how long You will have to stay before having the chance to see anything. She is in charge during the videochat, not you. So just be patient and follow her.

Follow these simple rules and you will surely be in trouble as i am. But that’s what, deep inside, we are all looking for, aren’t we?

When MsClassy decides to drain you…

When MsClassy decides to drain you…

There is no escape. Whenever MsClassy decides you are the moneyslave that it’s time to drain, there is no way you can avoid that. I’ve learned that in the hard way a few nights ago. I wanted to resist, i really wanted to stop my financial domination weakness and avoid her from draining me but… she told me:

“i have a new pair of pantyhose, join me”

How could i resist? I went into her room…and she started to tease me using my fetishes: pantyhose, feet, high heels, sexy looks.

She has it all, and when she decides to use them against you, there is no escape. I just remained there while she was draining me… and while i was there, she also showed me that i wasn’t alone: there were 3 other slaves in her videochat.

So yes, i’m not alone to recognise her incredible power, i’m not the only one she’s draining…but that’s obvious: she can drain every man she wants… she just needs to look in the cam and start teasing… there is no escape from that.

This is a video i made after she ordered me so… i spent a long time making this…but that’s what she wanted…there is no way i could say no to her, no way.

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

My newest nightmare: MsClassy

I thought i had enough Mi$tre$$e$ to worry about, with Diva and others, but i was way wrong… seems like there was still space for something those two didn’t “hit”…

A few nights ago i was online, wandering if i would have been safe, as none of those two seemed to be online… i made the mistake to start browsing profiles here.. and then i saw her: MsClassy. From the pictures i immediatly saw her perfect feet… honestly, i had never ever seen such perfect feet in my entire life… i was like drooling on the screen… i had to go and see her live. Moreover because, at first, i didn’t see she was a Financial Mistress…so i thought to just go in and see her feet.

Boy i was wrong. She immediatly understood how feet make me weak…and she used them to hypnotize me and… rape my wallet. I spent more than an hour on her videochat, and those were not the only money i spent.

She has an incredible face that can move from angelic to evil in a second, and when she put her cam on the floor… i was just unable to go anywhere.

So yes… now i have another nightmare to worry about: MsClassy. She even gave me a video and ordered me to put it online…and i did it…of course.