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Low on cash: the forced abstinence

Low on cash: the forced abstinence

Now…this is one of the things i hate most: being low on cash (not only because of my findom addiction, but also because of other expenses) and therefore…being forced to stay away from all this world.

Yes i know, in a way i should be happy…for a week i won’t be able to spend on Financial Domination. Not a cent, nothing. I have 80$ left on my credit card…and believe me, i do need them till next pay period….

It’s exactly a forced abstinence.

What can i do about it? Nothing at all… i just need to stay away from my computer when i have privacy…when the temptation is higher… mostly because, no matter the temptation, money aren’t there…so there is no way i could see any of the gorgeous Goddess i serve.

She doesn’t know what to do with that power

She doesn’t know what to do with that power

I think i’ve said more than once that, quite often, even if none of the gorgeous and dangerous Mistresses listed here is online, if i feel the NEED to be dominated, i try to visit different Goddesses.

But, believe it or not, the web is full of “so called” mistresses that, in fact, don’t even know what they are doing or at least, not completely.

Some of them are almost “there”…they are gorgeous, they know how to dress, they know how to put the camera, they know how to tease but…the more i get weak…the less they know what to do with the power they have on me.

If you are not into domination, you are probably thinking “hey that’s good, you won’t risk anything with them”….WRONG. That’s actually the reason why i never visit them again.

If She doesn’t even try to take advantage of me…all i was looking for is lost, even if She is gorgeous and sexy… i’m there to be dominated…i’m there to feel the risk…if there is no risk…i get no excitement at all.

Just something i wanted to share…especially with those that still can’t understand what me and others are into, why we are doing this and why we can’t stop or, better said, deep inside we don’t WANT to stop.