4 reasons why i am Sheena’s MoneySlave

Sometimes i happen to have five mintues and think back of all this time in my financial domination nightmare and, even if i can’t say i am loyal to just one Mistress, sure enough it seems Sheena has always been in my nightmares, always.

In the last 10 days she raped my wallet 4 or 5 times in videochat, sometimes with black stockings, and once in white stockings…something i really didn’ expect but it seems she can use my brain at her will, no matter what kind of stockings or pantyhose She wears.

So..why am i Sheena’s Moneyslave since all this time? I think it can come down to these reasons…

  1. 1 – She’s beautiful, really beautiful. Perfect body, fantastic lips, everything of Her can make any man turn his face to watch her
  2. 2 – She doesn’t talk much in chat, but when She does She always says the right words. This is one of the most important reasons i believe…Her silence (or the way She seems to ignore me) only adds more to Her power on me
  3. 3 -  She totally knows how to move and what to do to drive me crazy. She dangles her shoes, caress her feet and legs, uses her credit card around her body…everything She does is breathtaking
  4. 4 – She is totally sure of Her power, and never seems to care if or when i will fall again. Because She knows i will, She knows i will always say “yes” when She will order me to come in. I can stay even for a long time away from Her, but She knows i will always come back

Maybe there are more reasons, but in the end…of one thing i am sure… as long as She keeps being online….i will never be able to stop myself from being her Moneyslave….and i will always crave to go and crawl at her feet, inside her Videochat (here)


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6 Comments to 4 reasons why i am Sheena’s MoneySlave

  1. i completely agree with you! its the same feeling for me… sooner or later SHE enslaves me again and again, and let’s face the truth: i am craving for being totally teased mindfucked, drained by HER.

  2. moneyslave on March 11th, 2012
  3. it happened. last night she raped me again with HER perfect legs and teasing. i waited hours at my computer for HER to be online. as SHE became online i went to text chat, SHE said “come in” with the usual confidence, i obeyed helplessly. it started as a “normal” videochat. SHE teased me harder and harder and finally made me weaker than ever. SHE not only drained my money with videochat but with HER leg teasing SHE forced me login to paypal and said “PAY!!!”. i couldn’t resist and paid helplessly.

    then i find myself craving for more mindfucking, it is so erotic as SHE tease out my hard earned money. i told HER that i would step into one2one chat, because it is more expensive. it was not the last step, SHE set HER rate to maximum and forced me to one2one video at 9.6$/min rate and finished off my credit card with an evil, seducing, dominant grin on HER face.

    i learned that there’s no escape, SHE takes easily what SHE wants and nobody can resist HER power. i cannot stop HER taking my money.

  4. moneyslave on March 16th, 2012
  5. And as soon as you left…She ordered me to come in…and raped my wallet at 8$ per minute… She was magnificient with those red stockings…

  6. Your Money Slave on March 16th, 2012
  7. Is it possible to have WildStorm IM contact? Or does she have a blog or site where is it possible to find it?

  8. Italian Slave on March 30th, 2012
  9. She gives it only to those She wants to give it to. You should ask it to her from her videochat…while paying (a lot). That way you would also show her respect.

  10. Your Money Slave on March 30th, 2012
  11. i am curious about your stats, i hope you will update it soon.

  12. moneyslave on April 11th, 2012

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